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Tour of Isolella | Pietrosella | Hiking in Corsica

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Isolella Tower

Discover the tower of Isolella. Hiking in Corsica in the commune of Pietrosella. The Genoese tower of Isolella overhangs the rocks of E Sette Nave. A very easy route for a family walk!


Discover the hike from the Isolella tower to Pietrosella and the legend of the "SETTE NAVE". A coastal path, easy and accessible for young and old! The ideal walk or bike ride for a Sunday with family or friends! The view over the bay of Ajaccio and the Sanguinaires islands.

Isolella Tower

The tower of Isolella is the neighbour of the tower of Capitello and the tower of La Castagna

The Isolella tower in Pietrosella, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Presqu'île d'Isolella, chemin de la tour.

To get there, head towards Porticcio and then the Isolella roundabout, from where you should turn off towards the peninsula. Follow the sign "Tour d'Isolella" and park at the car park in the Cala Médéa cove. The access to the tower path is a few metres further on. A sign indicates the entrance to the path.

The Isolella Tower hiking trail

The walk is relatively easy, less than 10 minutes to reach the Genoese tower. The path is not very steep. Despite its perfect external condition, the tower is not accessible. Being situated on the Isolella peninsula, facing the Punta di E Sette Nave, the tower offers a surprising panorama of the Gulf of Ajaccio and the surrounding creeks. Legend has it that in the past, seven galleys full of barbarians tried to reach the island but were petrified by the protective virgin. Hence the name "E Sette Nave" for these seven large granite rocks visible on the sea. It is possible to make a loop on foot or by bike around the tower (path along the road) but also to reach the beach.

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