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FAQ VTC | Frequently asked questions about VTC

Prelude FAQ VTC - History of VTC and Taxi:

For many years, the battle between taxis and VTCs has been fierce. Customers are often misinformed and end up not knowing where to turn. Several taxi unions have gone on strike to protest against the so-called unfair competition from VTCs. This competition would have led to a fall in their activity and the price of their licences. These strikes have finally brought to the fore a service that is still not well known to the general public: the EVTC or VTC...Exploitant de Voiture de Tourisme avec Chauffeur. In France, the VTC activity has developed enormously following the creation of the UBER reservation platform. However, this platform is often criticised by the drivers themselves, who are taxed 25% of the price of the journeys made on behalf of this multinational. Today, many people still hesitate when deciding between a VTC or a Taxi. Here is our VTC FAQ to answer all your questions and help you make a choice.

FAQ VTC: What are the differences between Taxi and VTC?

Taxis are the only ones to have dedicated parking spaces for their transport activity and to be able to pick up a customer without prior reservation when they are in their home town. VTCs, on the other hand, are only available by prior reservation and do not under any circumstances engage in 'marauding'. A taxi can be recognised by special equipment: a taxi terminal on the roof of the vehicle and a time and mileage meter. A VTC has a badge on the windscreen of the vehicle. In a Taxi, a passenger is a "gentleman". In a VTC, the passenger is a VIP. A driver in a dinner jacket, welcoming and warm at the customer's disposal, a top-of-the-range car and on-board service

FAQ VTC: What are the differences in rates?

As far as the budget is concerned, the rates vary widely between taxis and VTCs. A taxi's fare is based on the hourly meter (calculated in kilometres and time). To this must be added the pick-up and supplements depending on the journey: additional luggage or passengers, animals or waiting time. Moreover, the price of the journey is not known in advance. A VTC, on the other hand, offers a flat rate or a mileage-based rate. There are no supplements. The price of the journey is known in advance and unless the customer specifically requests a diversion, there are no extra charges. On a single journey: "airport-home". There are no major differences in price. For a particular service, the VTC offers much more attractive rates, given the services provided.

FAQ VTC: What are the differences in services?

If the customer wants a specific service, he can easily choose between a VTC or a Taxi. On a simple journey: "airport-home", the VTC service will always win. Unlike taxis, it must be admitted that the VTC offers several additional services. During the journey, the customer will be offered refreshments, magazines or sweets, or even the possibility of recharging his mobile phone. For a particular service, the VTC is highly recommended. Everything is defined in a set of specifications to which the driver is required to adhere. from the simple driver, to the function of bilingual driver and guide, or even bodyguard depending on the possibilities.

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