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Monte d'Oro | GR20 Vizzavona | Hiking in Corsica

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Monte d'Oro by Gr20

Discover the Monte d'Oro! Hiking in Corsica from the Vizzavona pass. The summit of the Monte d'Oro culminates at 2389 M of altitude! An incredible but difficult hike to be done preferably in Spring!

Monte d'Oro by the GR20 Corsica route

Discover the Monte d'Oro hike in Corsica. In the heart of the Vizzavona forest, near the cascade des Anglais, set off for a rather difficult sporty ascent to the snowy crests. Through boulders, slabs and scree, along the river or by climbing the rock, follow the path marked out in red and white so specific to the GR20. A wild nature and sublime landscapes. At an altitude of 2389 m, reach the top of Monte d'Oro for an impressive and breathtaking panorama with a view of Lake Oro and the surrounding peaks.

Monte d'Oro

A summit that must be earned! The Monte d'Oro or Monte d'Oru, culminates at 2389 M of altitude!

The Monte d'Oro by the GR20 route in Vizzavona, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Track on the left, at the Col de Vizzavona in South Corsica

To get there, from Ajaccio, take the direction of Vizzavona. The start of the hike is at the parking of the pass, follow the sign indicating the cascade des Anglais.

The route of the Monte d'Oro hike

A slight incline to the ruins of an old fort. Turn left and follow the yellow line to reach a path with a view of the Cascade des Anglais. Then go down into the undergrowth and over the scree until you reach a junction with three signs, where the Gr20 path starts. The red and white markings are clearly visible.


On the trail of the GR20 path!

As soon as you enter the Gr20, the positive difference in altitude becomes apparent. The path follows the river and allows you to observe a wonderful natural landscape with multiple waterfalls and pools of pure water that make you want to quench your thirst. Then the path continues into an undergrowth and the plain before winding its way over the rock towards the ridges. Many cairns of varying size can be found along the way. Due to the melting snow, the rock is slippery at the end of the winter season. After a steep ascent (almost climbing), at an altitude of about 2000 m, at the edge of the ridges, you have to leave the GR20 and follow a yellow arrow pointing to the right towards the summit of Monte d'Oro.


A breathtaking view of the great Lake Oro!

Be careful, from here on, the path is not or only slightly marked. Only a few cairns indicate a semblance of a path through scree and numerous unstable rocks. Less than 400 m from the summit, crossing the last line of ridges, you will be seduced by a grandiose view of the natural basin of Lake Oro. From right to left, vertigo is guaranteed. A little more sporty climbing before arriving at Monte d'Oro. 

The ancient cross on the summit of Monte d'Oro!

From the heights, a panoramic view of the island's peaks and a deep feeling of being small on Earth. Strongly advised against people with reduced mobility, heart problems, vertigo or simply tired, count on about 7 hours of round trip hiking to discover this unusual place. Bring enough water and a good protection to avoid heat stroke.

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