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Bracca Lake | Scalella Pass | Hiking in Corsica

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Lake Bracca

Discover the lake of Bracca. Hiking in Corsica from the Scalella pass. The Bracca lake (glacial lake) culminates at 2085 M of altitude! An exceptional natural site in the heart of the Monte Renoso massif in Corsica.


Lake Bracca is a jewel that Mother Nature has fashioned in the heart of the mountains. A haven of peace in a sparkling blue, which rises to an altitude of 2085 metres and invites you to relax along its banks. An exceptional natural site in the Renoso massif. Discover the hike from the Bracca lake via the Scalella pass in Corsica. An immense panorama on the summits and the green valley of the "Pozzi" of the Val d'Ese. A difficult and steep route, recommended for experienced hikers! A sublime lake, source of the Prunelli river, which nestles at the foot of the Punta Alla Vetta (2255 M). A confidential glacial lake, which overlooks the neighbouring Lake Vitalaca, which is much more well-known and frequented. 

Lake Bracca

A glacial lake that culminates at 2085 M altitude and offers a breathtaking panorama of the Ese valley and the surrounding peaks



The Bracca lake by the Scalella pass in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Track on the left, at the Scalella Pass coming from Tavera

To get there, take the direction of Bastelica or Tavera and reach the Col de Scalella. Park in the earthen car park at the pass. This is the start of several trails including the Punta d'isa, the Pozzi du Pozzulu, the Punta Alla Vetta and the Bracca lake! Go through the large gate and follow the forest track for about 600m, then branch off towards the left-hand climb that cuts through it. The first cairn is visible 200 m further on.

Lake Bracca hiking trail

Leave the track and take the narrow path that crosses the maquis (follow the cairns). A shortcut with an almost constant difference in level, which allows you to reach a first plateau at 1420 M altitude with a view of the Col de Scalella, the summits and the Cime de Castellaccio (on the right). From there, follow the track for about 2 km. A pleasant passage in the coolness of the wood with a beautiful clear spring. Then, the forest gives way to a second plateau. At the crossroads, continue to the left. Beautiful view of the Punta Capanella (2250 M). The Pozzulu river flows down the valley to the village of Bastelica. Follow the track until you reach a large cairn. Leave the track and follow the cairns towards the summits.

The Pozzi of Pozzulu!

About 1 km further on, a passage through the alder bushes leads to the Pozzi du Pozzulu. A green setting at 1840 m altitude, ideal for a well-deserved break. A timeless place with its beautiful green lawns and water holes. To reach the lake of Bracca, you must continue (before the Pozzi) to follow the cairns towards the summits until the Bocca Lagione (2040 m), then turn right towards the ridges to reach the Punta Alla Vetta. This is a long climb that offers a superb view of three superb Pozzi plateaus. A more stony path towards the ridges, with cairns that are difficult to follow.

The summit of the Punta Alla Vetta!

The summit of Punta Alla Vetta offers a 360° panorama of the Pozzi cirque, Monte Renoso (2352 M) and Monte Torto (2262 M). Below the summit, it is possible to descend to the right or the left following the cairns. 200 M of ascent - on a rather slippery slope. The Bracca glacial lake, in the shape of a "horseshoe", is a jewel nestled in the hollow of the summits.

On the way back!

The return journey takes the same route as the first. Three other variants are possible from the lake of Bracca (GPS route strongly recommended):

  • Lake Vitalaca . village of Bastelica
  • Lake Vitalaca . I Pozzi . Val d'Ese
  • Lake Vitalaca . I Pozzi . Pozzi Sheepfolds . Val d'Ese
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