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Lake Oriente | Corte | hiking in Corsica

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Lake Oriente

Discover Lake Oriente (Lake Oriente). Hiking in Corsica from the Restonica valley in Corte. Lake Oriente culminates at 2061 M of altitude! A natural and wild area, exceptional nestled in the heart of the Massif du Rotondo! A sublime glacial lake with pozzines and green lawns!


Discover the Lake Oriente route in Corte. One of the unmissable hiking trails in the Cortenais. Lac d'Oriente is a high mountain landscape with a grandiose view over the Restonica valley and a feeling of freedom and purity over the island's peaks. A green lawn, a lake of brilliant colours with large pozzines nearby and numerous animals roaming around to graze on the fresh grass. An unusual place to discover in Central Corsica, in the hollow of the peaks of Monte Rotondu, at 2061 M altitude.

Lake Oriente

Lake Oriente is an exceptional natural site in central Corsica!

Lake Oriente in Corte, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: about 350 M after the bridge of Tuani, Restonica valley, Corte

To get there, head towards Corte, in the centre of the island. The access to the path is in the Restonica valley (junction visible after the bridge: D623). Take the narrow and winding road along the gorge to the Tuani campsite and park at the bridge. The area is restricted during the summer season and there is a charge for parking further up. Follow the road until you see the signs "MONTE ROTONDO" and "ORIENTE".

The Lake Oriente hiking trail

From here the path is rocky and runs alongside the river and its many waterfalls. A constant positive difference in altitude, in the coolness of the forest and in the shade of large pine trees to begin with. Thereafter, there are very few shaded areas. Only the fresh wind from the summits or the shrill cries of birds of prey disturb the peace of this place. The path is well marked, with cairns all along the way. A short stop in a sheepfold is even possible by a side track. A beautiful waterfall announces the proximity of Lake Oriente. Once on the plateau, you will be amazed by the extraordinary panorama. A large green lawn, calm and clear water, pozzines (muddy water holes), the snow-covered peaks of Monte Rotondo (even in the summer season) and roaming animals. A magnificent and fragile natural area, to be preserved.

The way back and the advice!

An unmissable path with a positive difference in altitude through pine trees and fragrant scrub. Four hours of walking each way for the more athletic. This hike is best done in the summer months when the weather on the plateau is milder. Plan a day trip for an ideal picnic facing Lake Oriente and the snowy peaks of Monte Rotondo.

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