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Grand lac d'Oro | Canaglia | hiking in Corsica

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Great Lake Oro

Trek and Hike of the great lake of Oro by Canaglia. In central Corsica, a natural and wild site. The great lake of Oro, is nestled at the foot of the Monte d'Oro in the Massif of Monte Rotondo. The great lake of Oro culminates at 1970 M of altitude.


Set off on the challenging and sporting route from the Grand Lac d'Oro to Canaglia. A mountain path partly following the Mare à Mare Nord (Pastricciola variant), but also the famous Gr20 in the direction of the Onda refuge (Vizzavona). A hike not to be taken lightly, due to the extent of the positive difference in altitude! Sublime landscapes and panoramas with the Manganello valley, the river and its clear water basins, the Larricii pine forest, the Méli waterfall, the small and the big Oro lake. A marked path that is relatively difficult to follow, with some semi-climbing passages on wet and slippery rocky slopes, which will put you to the test!

Great Lake Oro

A natural lake, deep blue in colour, which rises to an altitude of 1970m and offers a breathtaking view of the Monte Rotondo Massif.

The Great Lake of Oro by Canaglia in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Hamlet of Canaglia - Vivario

To get there, head towards the village of Canaglia, in the commune of Vivario. Park in the car park just after the bridge, as there is no parking inside the village. Reach the entrance of the path, located at the end of the village. (diversions route). The route starts on the right, on the "Mare à Mare Nord" path, with orange markings. Pass the barrier and follow the forest track. Continue past the bridge with the large gate, then, at the fork in the road, follow the right-hand path marked "Mare a Mare/refuge de l'Onda, Petra Piana". (The left-hand track is used by shepherds for transhumance)

The Great Lake Oro hiking trail

The route follows the river and its basins in the Manganello valley, until you reach the splendid Méli waterfall. Then go past the waterfall and the bridge to take the GR20 route (red and white markings) a few hundred metres further on. Follow the direction "refuge de l'Onda/ Vizzavona". Enter the woods again and continue the ascent to reach a plateau with short, thorny scrubland and a view of the summits. Always follow the cairns, go back into the undergrowth and reach the ruins of the sheepfolds of Giargialiccia. Then, go beyond the rocky slabs and the river course to reach another plateau. 

The little lake of Oro!

A pleasant passage in the cool of the wood. Turn left at the next junction. If you have reached the Grottaccia fountain, you are 200m too far. from there on, the cairns replace the GR20 markings. A long and difficult climb with an almost constant difference in altitude. from here, the forest gives way to rough scrubland, alder bushes and rock. The climb becomes even more difficult! A slippery ascent and some passengers in semi climbing. The path continues between two mountain peaks towards the ridge. Below, the small Lake Oro is visible (1563 M altitude).

The great Lake Oro!

The (unmaintained) path leads through the woods and the cairns are not always clearly visible. Continue until you reach a clearing where many large tree trunks lie on the ground. Turn left below the trunks to take a very steep and slippery slope above them. Continue towards the heights, facing the mountain. Pass the huge slippery rocky slopes, keeping to the right as you climb, to reach the large Lake Oro

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