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Capu di u Vittulu | Piana | Hiking in Corsica

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Capu Di U Vittulu

Discover the summit of Capu Di U Vitttulu. Hiking in Corsica from the calanques of Piana. The Capu Di U Vittulu culminates at 1331 M of altitude! A beautiful place on the heights of the calanques of Piana and the gulf of Porto!

Capu Di U Vittulu

Discover the Capu di u Vittulu hike in Piana, Corsica. A summit much less known and frequented than its little brother, the "Capu d'ortu". In the heart of the calanques of Piana, set off for a long ascent through a forest of maritime pines, to reach the summit. A sporty route, with exceptional views over the Gulf of Porto, the Gulf of Sagone, Cargèse and the Gulf of Ajaccio. A marked or cairned path with a vegetation of thorny plants or wild crocuses. A summit which is deserved, but leaves the hikers who reach it speechless!

Capu Di U Vittulu

A summit which culminates at 1331 M of altitude and offers a sublime point of view on the gulf of Porto and Piana 

The Capu Di U Vittulu by the calanques of Piana in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: parking of the Municipal Stadium, calanques of Piana

To get there, take the direction of Piana and join the creeks at the exit of the village. Continue for about 1 km and take the junction of the municipal stadium on the right. This is the start of many hikes, including the Muletier trail, the Capu d'Ortu or the Foce d'Ortu. Park in the earthen car park directly on the right as you go up.

The Capu Di U Vittulu hiking trail

Follow the dirt track, then the concrete road in front of you. It is a forest track through a forest of maritime pines. A beautiful view of the mountains and the Gulf of Porto. Follow the track with a positive gradient, the yellow markings and the signs "Foce d'Ortu/Capu d'Ortu". It takes about 45 minutes to reach a new junction "Foce d'Ortu/Fountain of Piazza Moninca", which allows you to reach Capu d'Ortu by a second route. Continue straight on towards Foce d'Ortu. A passage in the coolness of the wood with a path that is less steep and covered in pine thorns.

Foce d'Ortu - Capu d'Ortu!

After about 10 minutes, there is a new junction: "Foce d'Ortu/ Capu d'Ortu". Turn right. It takes about 1 hour from here. The climb becomes more difficult with a long rocky ascent in the heat and an exceptional panorama of the Gulf of Porto, the peaks and the tortured orange rock with its thorny shapes. Continue towards the heights following the cairns until you reach a plateau with views of the villages of Christinacce, Ota and Evisa. On the left, a small chapel with a Virgin Mary is set in the rock.

An incredible passage on the ridges and heights!

Turn right towards the ridges for a long climb with sublime views. Always follow the cairns with a passage in the woods and finally reach the heights with the view of the summit. Descend a little and go around the Capu di u Vittulu by the left side. To reach the summit, there will be a small ascent in front of the rock in semi climbing. A large rusty conical sculpture adorns the summit. A well-deserved relaxing break and a setting that leaves you dreaming. 

All that's left to do is enjoy the show!

An unobstructed view of the Gulf of Porto, Sagone, Cargèse, the Gulf of Ajaccio and also the peaks of Capu di u Ceppu, Capu a u Dente, Punta a u Missoghju, Punta Minuta, Capu tafunatu, Paglia Orba and Punta Artica. The return journey is by the same route as the outward journey.

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