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Piscia di Gallo | Zonza | Hiking in Corsica

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Piscia di Gallo

Discover Piscia di Gallo (pisse du coq - Piscia di Gallu - Piscia di Ghjaddu). Hiking in Corsica in the Ospedale forest in the commune of Zonza. Piscia di Gallo is a superb waterfall which draws its source from the large hydraulic dam of Ospédale. It is a maintained trail, subject to payment and regulation during the summer season.


Discover the hike from Piscia di Gallo to Zonza. One of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island of beauty. The Gallo waterfall, also known as Piscia di Gallo/Piscia di Ghjaddu, is a waterfall which has its source in the large hydraulic dam of Ospedale. In the heart of a pine forest, set off on a rewarding and accessible journey, except at the end of the path where balustrades allow a rather difficult descent. A unique view in Corsica. A powerful waterfall with a strong flow. A magnificent and wild nature with its breathtaking colours. A hike to be done on a clear day in order to appreciate this extraordinary landscape.

Piscia di Gallo

The Capo Di Muro tower is maintained by the Corsican Coastal Conservatory

Piscia di Gallo in Zonza, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Ospedale forest, between the dam and Zonza

To get there, head towards the village of Zonza and the Ospedale dam. The road is long and winding. Less than 2 kilometres before the dam, a clearly visible car park indicates the Gallo waterfall (Piscia di Ghjaddu). The place is very busy in the summer, the parking is paying, except out of season.

The Gallo waterfall hiking trail

Through a large pine forest, along the river and multiple waterfalls and clear turquoise water holes, set off for about an hour's walk before reaching the sublime waterfall. The path is marked in yellow. The hike is rewarding with the presentation of the Sentinel rock (erosion of the limestone through time) or Orriu (rock shelter). The access is relatively easy on most of the way, except towards the waterfall, where a railing of steel ropes secures the descent of the stone stairs.


The way back and the advice!

The coolness of the waterfall and the water running off the rock make the access very slippery, at the risk and peril of the walker. The river is forbidden for swimming, as the waterfall draws its source from the water of the hydraulic dam. There is very little positive difference in altitude on this path. The return journey is by the same path. On the car park, a refreshment bar allows you to have a gourmet break after this beautiful outing in the Ospédale forest.

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