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Punta Urghjavari | Quasquara | Hiking in Corsica

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Punta Urghjavari

Discover the punta Urghjavari. Hiking in Corsica from the village of Quasquara. The Punta Urghjavari culminates at 1345 M of altitude! A nice path that leads to a statuette of the Virgin Mary with a wooden cross and to the big steel cross that stands on the Punta Urghjavari


Discover the Punta Urghjavari hike in Quasquara. On the heights of the village, less than forty minutes from Ajaccio, a summit that will never cease to amaze you! A route through the undergrowth and its hundred-year-old chestnut trees, the fragrant scrubland, or even directly on the rock when arriving at the summit at an altitude of about 1345 m. A sublime view with a surprising panorama on the Gulf of Ajaccio, the bay of Coti Chiavari, the surrounding villages (Campo, Frassetto, Quasquara, etc...) or even the snowy summits of the island of beauty.

Punta Urghjavari

The Punta Urghjavari offers a breathtaking view of the Taravo, the Gulf of Ajaccio and Coti Chiavari.

The Punta Urghjavari at Quasquara in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Top of the village, Quasquara

To get there, take the direction of Sainte Marie Sicché and continue in the direction of Quasquara. The hike starts at the top of the village, at the place called "Sarra Topu" a few hundred metres before the cemetery and the helicopter runway. Park at the level of the Community of Communes signs (Col St Georges)

The Punta Urghjavari hiking trail

Follow the orange markings. The difference in altitude will be felt very quickly, it climbs steeply from the start, and this is only the beginning! A few steps and you enter the undergrowth with its ancestral chestnut trees with gargantuan trunks, and its rock covered with shiny green moss. After a few minutes of walking, with heavy legs and shortness of breath, we hear the sound of the river and the atmosphere becomes cooler. After crossing two small streams, and climbing for about forty minutes at a good pace, there is finally some flatness and the landscape changes completely with the view of the peaks in front of you and the valley below. The path continues through low scrub with heather and fern as far as the eye can see. Then you come to a crossroads, with an arrow and orange markings. Stop for a moment and enjoy the view. The landscape is simply breathtaking. Then continue along the path, taking a slight downhill left for a while.

Through the scrubland and the rock to Punta Urghjavari!

Be careful not to miss the junction that allows you to make a loop by passing by the summit of Punta Urghjavari. It is a barely visible fork, just indicated by a cairn! From there on, it's all uphill for a good twenty minutes. It's an unmarked route! You have to follow the cairns! There are very few shady areas up to the summit, only the fresh mountain breeze and the shrill cries of birds of prey disturb the peace of the place. A little more effort to reach the Punta Urghjavari with its small statue of the Virgin Mary and its two crosses! From the heights, the view is simply breathtaking. Unforgettable memories and photos that will amaze your friends! Take the time to rest before starting a very sportive descent!


Routes for the return journey!

You have two options:

  1. Or take the same route as the outward journey,
  2. Either go beyond the cross and descend on the cairned path on the right. You will have to use your hands and be careful not to slip on the rock face, which can be quite steep! Then, simply take the same route as the first one, arriving at the crossroads of the plateau. The rest is easy until you get back to the village.

Our tips for Punta Urghjavari!

In short, this walk is recommended from May to October for people who are not afraid of heights and who enjoy hiking! Approximately 8 kilometres for a little more than 600 m of difference in altitude. Don't forget to take a cap, enough water and the essentials for a mountain hike! For experts only, this route can also be done as a return trip from the plateau via the rocky path.

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