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Punta San Sisto | Appietto | hiking in Corsica

Punta San Sisto (San Sixto) in Appietto

Discover the hike from Punta San Sisto to Appietto! An invitation to travel in South Corsica. A summit which culminates only a few kilometres from Ajaccio, on the heights of the villages of Appietto and Afa, not far from the well known Gozzi rock. Climb the Punta San Sisto to enjoy a sublime panorama of the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Gulf of Sagone and the surrounding peaks.

The hiking circuit

To get there, head towards the San Sebastiano Pass and turn off at the Appietto junction. Follow the winding road until you reach the cemetery and the sign indicating "Monte Gozzi". Turn right at the sign and reach the church grounds. The start of the hike is the same as that of the Monte Gozzi trail. Go past the wooden gate, follow the dirt path and the numerous crevasses. The start is in positive gradient for a good fifteen minutes. A succession of steep slopes and plateaus as well as a large granite plateau to allow you a first stop to admire the view and hydrate. There are very few shaded areas on the route.

Continue along the path until you reach a junction on your left. Take this path (do not continue towards the ridge on your right, as you risk ending up at Punta Pastinaca). from here, yellow markings indicate the route to follow. The path continues slightly downhill. Pass the low stone wall and follow the old signpost to "San Sisto".

Here we go again for a good twenty minutes of uphill riding. Always follow the markings. On the heights, turn right and reach the still visible remains of an old oratory. A few steps away, a small cross indicates the Punta San Sisto. A magnificent view of the Mediterranean, the bay of Sagone, the Gulf of Ajaccio, the Punta Pastinaca, the village of Appietto, or the Monte d'Oro and its remaining snow. The return journey is by the same route as the outward journey. It is also possible to continue the walk in the direction of the San Sebastiano Pass by following the markings at the summit, for a pleasant walk on the ridges.

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