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Punta dell' Oriente | Vizzavona | Hiking in Corsica

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Punta Dell'Oriente

Discover the Punta Dell'Oriente Hiking in Corsica from the Vizzavona pass. The Punta Dell'Oriente culminates at 2112 M of altitude! A difficult route for an exceptional natural site in central Corsica.


Discover the Punta dell Oriente hike in Vizzavona. A mountain trail not to be taken lightly. Sublime views, but very changeable weather on the heights. A demanding and sporty route that requires a good physical condition due to the size of its difference in altitude. One of the highest summits in the south of Corsica, part of the Monte Renoso massif and culminating at an altitude of 2112m. The Punta dell Oriente offers a 360° panorama over the Vizzavona valley, the Monte d'Oro, the Gulf of Ajaccio and the centre of the island with Vivario and the Pasciola fort.

Punta Dell'Oriente

The Punta dell'Oriente is a peak that rises to an altitude of 2112m! A difficult route to do from mid-June to mid-August!

The Punta Dell'Oriente by the Vizzavona pass in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Antenne relais. To the right of the straw hut on the Vizzavona pass

To get there, head towards the Col de Vizzavona. When you arrive at the plateau (coming from Ajaccio), turn right at the Col's hut. Follow the concrete road in poor condition which leads to the relay antenna. Park at the antenna and climb over the small fence. This is the start of several paths that lead to the Madonuccia rock, to the "I Pozzi" sheepfolds, to the village of Bocognano and also to the Punta dell Oriente.

The Punta dell'Oriente hiking trail

Follow the sign and the yellow markings. A steep, stony path through the undergrowth joins the beautiful stone sheepfolds. Continue by turning to the left of these. (Oriente sign visible). A large winding climb that connects a grassy plateau for a beautiful panorama of the pass and the Vizzavona valley as well as the peak of Monte d'Oro. From here, you have two choices:

Route 1: The Madonuccia rock!

-Turn left following the cairns to reach the Madonuccia rock. Superb view of Vivario and the fort of Pasciola! A loop that joins the ridge line and the Punta dell Oriente.

route 2: without seeing the Madonuccia! Direct access to the Punta Dell'Oriente!

-Turn slightly to the right and reach the heights. A beautiful passage on the side of rocky ridges. Vertiginous views over the valley. Continue to climb towards the summits. A long and difficult climb. Follow the cairns until you reach the base of the summit, passing to the right and then climbing to the left. Finally, a semi-steep climb to reach the Punta dell Oriente with its steel cross. A grandiose and breathtaking 360° panorama. The pure air and the silence of the mountains, broken from time to time by the flight of a bird. A view of the eastern and western parts of the island with the tip of Monte d'Oro covered in snow or a sea of clouds!

The way back and the advice!

The return journey is by the same route as the outward journey. Beware of frequent thunderstorms in the middle of the day. In 2018, a flock of more than 30 ewes was struck by lightning on the heights at the end of the summer season. The Punta dell Oriente is a dangerous mountain climate to be avoided in winter (rain, snow, frequent icy patches) and a summit accessible from mid-June to mid-August in order to avoid storms.

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