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Arcu di Scandulaghju | Corte | Hiking in Corsica

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Arcu di Scandulaghju

Discover the arcu di Scandulaghu (arch of Corte, arch of Padule) Hiking in Corsica from Corte. The arcu di Scandulaghju culminates at 1452 M of altitude! In the Tavignanu valley, a demanding route with a high positive difference in altitude! A sublime natural arch!


Discover the arcu di Scandulaghju hike, also known as the "arch of Padule" or "arch of Corte". An unmissable route in central Corsica! The arcu di Scandulaghju is a natural granite arch. A majestic rocky structure which culminates at 1452 M of altitude. A jewel that nature has shaped over time. On the heights of the Cortenais and the Tavignanu, set off on a difficult climb with a high positive difference in altitude! A route taken by the famous "Restonica Trail" & UTC that will make many of you sweat! Beautiful mountain landscapes! A trail that criss-crosses the maquis, the ferns and the Lariccii pine forest for memories that will fill your head.

Arcu di Scandulaghju

The arcu di Scandulaghju is one of the most beautiful rocky arches in Corsica

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The Arcu di Scandulaghju in Corte, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Corte, at the Tavignanu lookout

To get there, head for Corte and its citadel. Stop at the paying car park below the museum and take the direction of the Tavignanu where visible signs indicate the entrance to several hiking trails. Take the direction of the Arche and the Padule sheepfolds.

The Arcu di Scandulaghju hiking trail

Very quickly, the difference in altitude is felt through a stony path, a fragrant scrubland and its fields of Asphodel. There are hardly any shaded areas on the path. Follow the orange markers that take you to a first plateau and its "Casetta" (stone shelter). High peaks such as Monte Rotondo and Cardo are in view. Then the path winds along the mountain through an undergrowth before reaching a second plateau.

The Corbaghiola cross to relax the thighs!

On your left, you can see (or even reach for the most curious among you) the big cross of Corbaghiola with a panoramic view of the Cortenaise valley. The path continues towards the summits, through the numerous pines, the rock, and even small scree. Some passages are slippery before reaching a small wooden cross surrounded by Virgin Marys.

The arcu di Scandulaghju is a sublime arch!

From then on, the hardest part is over. Less than fifteen minutes later, the Arcu di scandulaghju stands majestically in front of you. A mineral curiosity, a wonder that nature has created. An arch sculpted by time that some do not hesitate to climb to immortalise the moment. Climbing is not recommended. With each season, the landscape is transformed and the Arch is revealed, sometimes radiant in the sun, sometimes austere in the wilderness or simply sublime, covered in a beautiful snowy coat during the winter.

The way back and the advice!

The path continues to the Padule sheepfolds before descending to the Tavignanu and its stone steps. It is strongly advised to take the same itinerary as on the outward journey for the return, as it is easy to get lost while continuing towards the sheepfolds. In short, a difficult hike! A hike to be avoided in the middle of the summer season, as the strong heat of the Cortenais will quickly stop many. Take plenty of water and leave in the cool. Not recommended for people who do not practice a minimum of sport and are in good health. Allow at least 3 hours round trip.

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