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Lake Creno | Soccia | Hiking in Corsica

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Lake Creno

Discover the lake of Creno (Lavu a Crena). Hiking in Corsica from the village of Orto in the commune of Soccia. The lake of Creno culminates at 1310 M of altitude! A preserved natural site, in the heart of a forest of Lariccii Pines. A glacial lake where beautiful water lilies bloom in early summer! Beautiful landscapes all year round!


Discover the Creno lake hike (Crena lake, lavu a Crena). The Creno lake culminates at 1310 M of altitude. It is a protected natural area rich in biodiversity! Endemic fauna and flora and a lake with pozzines, enclosed in a forest of Laricii pines. A beautiful walking route overlooking the villages of Soccia and Orto. A fairly easy hike, to be done all year round for a colourful and unique landscape in every season.

Lake Creno

Lake Creno is a protected natural site, rich in biodiversity!

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Lake Creno in Orto, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: car park of the refreshment stand, Orto

To get there, head towards Vico to reach the village of Orto in the municipality of Soccia. The road is long and winding. Enter the centre of the village, follow the signs and take the wash house junction to reach the car park of the refreshment room. Park in one of the two car parks. Go to the large cross overlooking the valley.

Lake Creno hiking trail

The start of the path is indicated by a sign in front of the large concrete pipe. It is an easy route, with yellow markings. Less than 4 kilometres through a forest of larricii pines, to reach the Creno lake and the Maison Forestière. A Natura 2000 site, a protected area with an extremely rich and diverse flora and fauna. It is possible to walk all around the lake and to enjoy the numerous picnic areas for a good moment of relaxation with family or friends.

The way back and the advice!

The return journey takes the same path as the first. A side path to the right of the Maison Forestière, marked only by cairns, leads to Mount Sant Eliseo with its beautiful chapel and an extraordinary view of the peaks.

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