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Fortin de Capigliolo | Tiuccia | hiking in Corsica

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Fortin de Capigliolo

Discover the Genoese tower and the Capigliolo fort. Hiking in Corsica from Tiuccia. The Fortin de Capigliolo dominates the bay of Liamone and culminates at 91 M of altitude! An easy hike along the coastline!


Discover the hike of the Fortin and the tower of Capigliolo in Tiuccia. In Corsica, in the commune of Casaglione, go for a beautiful coastal walk through the colourful maquis and the scents of the spray of the Gulf of Liscia. Discover the ruins of an accessible Fortin, with a beautiful panorama on the bay of Liamone, Ancona and Calcatoggio, but also, a very beautiful Genoese tower half destroyed, on the Punta Capigliolo.

Fortin & Capigliolo tower

The fort and the Genoese tower of Capigliolo overlook the Liamone bay

The Fortin de Capigliolo in Tiuccia, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: exit of Tiuccia, just after the fire station

To get there, take the direction of Tiuccia (D81). Just outside the village (towards Sagone), park in the earthen car park on your right.

The Fortin & Capigliolo Tower hiking trail

The path is visible, but not marked. It is an easy route on sandy ground, which allows you to reach the remains of the fortress anchored on a strangely shaped rocky mass and the Capigliolo tower, which rises to an altitude of 91m. The Genoese tower was once used to prevent Barbary attacks. A beautiful panorama on the beach of Liamone, the Gulf of Liscia.

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