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I Pozzi & lake of Vitalaca | Bastelica | hiking in Corsica

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I Pozzi & Lake Vitalaca

Discover I Pozzi & lake of Vitalaca. Hiking in Corsica from the Val d'Ese in the commune of Bastelica. I Pozzi is a sublime plateau of pozzines and green lawns. The lake of Vitalaca, a real jewel that Mother Nature has created, culminates at 1777 M of altitude in the Renoso massif!


Discover i Pozzi & Vitalaca lake in Corsica! On the heights of Bastelica and the Val d'Ese, go for a hike to be done preferably, out of winter season. In the heart of the Monte Renoso massif, at an altitude of over 1600 m, is the Val d'Ese ski resort. Mountains as far as the eye can see, breathtaking landscapes and hiking trails to discover in all seasons. Discover the natural and wild site "i Pozzi" and for the most courageous, the "Lake of Vitalaca"!

I Pozzi & Lake Vitalaca

I Pozzi is the jewel of the Ese Valley! A preserved natural site where the endemic trout grows quietly

I Pozzi & lake of Vitalaca by the Ese valley in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Wicket just below the chalet in the Ese valley.

To get there, take the direction of Bastelica and join the Val d'Ese ski resort. Park in the car park next to the chalet. Go through the large grey gate and follow the track. There are two possible routes, one less steep than the other. The one on the left is the hardest, an ascent of about an hour in positive difference in altitude. Here is the route on the left, detailed below!

The I Pozzi hiking trail & Lake Vitalaca

The path on the left starts with a long, rocky climb along the ski lift towers. Cairns and blue markers will allow you to recognise the path to the plateau overlooking the sheepfolds. The area is exposed to the wind and is sometimes covered in clouds in the middle of the day. Between the sea and the mountains, the place offers a sublime panoramic view of the sea, the valley and the peaks. A first stop is highly recommended. The ascent in summer is tough and takes place in full sun (there are no shaded areas on the path). Remember to hydrate often!

The Sheepfolds of Mezzaniva!

When you reach the sign for the Mezzaniva sheepfolds, you can see the valley below with its endless water holes. All that remains is to follow the yellow markings for a descent of about twenty minutes, on a slippery and stony path.The PNRC Regional Natural Park of Corsica conceals hidden treasures; you will have the possibility of branching off the path for a gourmet stop at the sheepfolds of Mezzaniva (and take advantage of it to buy some cheese, if there is any left). Be vigilant, the weather being changeable in the mountains, always remember to bring a jacket or a waistcoat.

The sublime grassy plateau of I Pozzi

You have finally arrived at the Pozzi, a beautiful, dense, wet, muddy, loose grassy mantle, with here and there holes and more or less thick peat. A stream runs across the plain through the pozzines and shapes the landscape...for a moment, a vision of heaven on earth. Take the time to listen to the sound of water flowing from pond to pond. Observe the livestock in transhumance. Wild pigs, cows and horses graze across the plain. As the site is very busy, help preserve the area by not trampling the grass.

Lake Vitalaca, in the heart of the Renoso massif

For the more adventurous, head for Lake Vitalaca, where the view is even more beautiful from the top. In the hollow of the mountains, let yourself be seduced by a majestic lake. At the signpost, follow the path and the cairns to the waterfall. You will discover other pozzines. Climb the waterfall on the left. The climb is quite easy. Follow the cairns and reach a plain covered with vegetation. Go straight across the plain (there are plenty of paths between the bushes), then continue walking on the grass until you reach, after about twenty minutes, the descent to the lake.

A rather difficult, steep and slippery access!

At this point, you should be extra careful, as the access to the lake is not the easiest. Go down from rock to rock, always following the cairns. Take advantage of the tranquillity of the place and rest for a better start! The return of the hike is done by the same way as the first one; be sure to have enough stamina before wanting to do the lake!

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