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Omu di Cagna | Gianuccio | hiking in Corsica

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Omu di Cagna

Discover the Omu di Cagna (Uomo di Cagna). Hiking in Corsica from the hamlet of Ganuccio in the commune of Monaccia d'Aullène. The imposing rock of the Omu di Cagna culminates at 1217 M of altitude! A difficult route but with an unusual panorama!


Discover the Omu di Cagna hike in Monaccia d'Aullène. Starting from the hamlet of Gianuccio, go for a sportive and difficult walk, especially at the end of the route with the access to the summit of Cagna. An enormous granite rock ball, balanced on the peak of the summit, scanning the horizon like an immortal sentinel, frozen forever. For the most courageous, an incredible panoramic view of the Figari plain, the coastline with the Gulf of Valinco, or even Sardinia in good weather. A winding and steep route, through an old mule track, the coolness of the undergrowth, or on large rocky balls piled up one on top of the other in a chaotic atmosphere.

Omu di Cagna

An exceptional view from the summit, from the extreme south to the Gulf of Valinco, facing the relief of Sardinia

The Omu di Cagna by the hamlet of Gianuccio in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Monaccia d'Aullène, hamlet of Giannuccio, climb in front of the church.

To get there, head towards Monaccia d'Aullène and reach the small hamlet of Gianuccio. Park in the church square. The start of the path is indicated 50 m further on by a sign.

The Omu di Cagna hiking trail

The route starts on a concrete road for about 250m. Then turn left at the yellow signpost and follow the path. It is a yellow signpost, visible almost to the top. A few hundred metres further on, pass in front of the hamlet's reservoir and continue on the track in front of you, which is very steep. The path winds through a pine forest, or low scrub. It is a succession of climbs and false flats with from time to time a beautiful view of the coastline.

A pile of rocks and a chaotic atmosphere!

After about 1 hour and 15 minutes, we arrive near the crests, the landscape is changing, with large boulders in profusion, piled up one on top of the other. At the height of the large mountain peak, a sign indicates the next part of the route; 30 minutes to reach the Omu di Cagna, by turning right.

The Cagna rock, an impressive geological curiosity!

Follow the markers and cairns and reach the ridge with a view of the enormous rocky curiosity that culminates at 1217m. The next part is not easy and less than 300m from the summit, the markings are no longer visible. Only a few cairns indicate a path to follow between the slabs. From there, a semi climbing passage is mandatory to reach the Omu di Cagna. A difficult progression, an access to the summit which is deserved. Very strongly advised against people prone to vertigo. An exceptional view from the summit, from the extreme south to the Gulf of Valinco, passing by the relief of Sardinia in the distance.

The way back and the advice!

The return journey takes the same route as the outward journey. It is also possible to take an alternative route on the way back down. A hike to be avoided in winter, as there is a risk of ice or strong winds at the summit.

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