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Punta di u Corbu | Corte | Hiking in Corsica

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Punta di u Corbu

Discover the punta di u Corbu! Hiking in the centre of Corsica from Corte. The Punta di u Corbu culminates at 802 M of altitude and offers a beautiful view on the Cortenaise valley!


Discover the hike of the punta di u corbu. The punta di u corbu in central Corsica, starting from Corte. The historical capital of Corsica, but also the ideal place to discover superb walks, unique landscapes of sublime summits and sometimes still covered with snow in summer. A route under the blazing sun of the Cortenaise basin to be done preferably in Spring, Autumn or early Winter. A very beautiful view of the valley, a route of about 2h30 round trip with orange markers and cairns sometimes not very visible.

Punta di U Corbu

The Punta di u Corbu is a summit which culminates at 802 M of altitude on the heights of Corte

The Punta di u Corbu in Corte in central Corsica

Starting point of the walk: Campus Grossetti, behind the university library of Corte

To get there, head towards Corte and its large university library near Campus Grossetti. Go up towards the Campus and park just after it, in front of the building with the fresco of Pascal Paoli. The entrance of the path is located in front of the building, just after the white gates.

The Punta di u Corbu hiking trail

The route is flat at first for a few minutes, until it reaches the junction with the sign "Punta Cisterna". From here, the path becomes stony and steep until it reaches the plateau and its pass, which rises to about 750 m. To reach the Punta di u Corbu, turn right when you reach the plateau and follow the scattered cairns through the Asphodel fields. Do not climb or climb the large boulders on your left.

A beautiful panorama of the Cortenaise valley

Arriving at the point, a cross tied to the rock for superb photos with a panoramic view of the town of Corte as well as the Restonica valley with its peaks rising proudly into the sky.

The way back and the advice!

The return journey is by the same route as the first. Remember to take a cap, a bottle of water and even sun cream depending on the time of your ascent!

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