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Punta Cachjonu | Carbuccia | Hiking in Corsica

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Punta Cachjonu

Discover the punta Cachjonu (Punta Caccione). Hiking in Corsica from the village of Carbuccia. The Punta Cachjonu culminates at 1146 M of altitude! A relatively steep and difficult route that leads to the sheepfold "A Caseddu di u Pastore" and to the summit of the Caccione on the heights of Carbuccia


Discover the Punta Cachjonu in Carbuccia! A mid-mountain hiking trail on the heights of the Gravona valley. Through the undergrowth, the maquis and a chestnut grove with imposing trees, set off to climb the Punta Cachjonu (Punta Caccione). A summit which culminates at 1146 M of altitude, decorated with a superb cross with a stylised Moor's head (Effigy of the mineral water of Zilia). A superb view with its sheepfold "A Caseddu di U Pastore" and its shelters under rocks. A panorama on the valley of Gravona, the Gulf of Ajaccio with the bloody islands but also the mountainous relief with the Punta Sant' Eliseo among others.

Punta Cachjonu

The Punta Caccione is a peak that rises to 1146 m above sea level with a panoramic view of the Gravona

The Punta Cachjonu by Carbuccia in Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Route du stade, place called Rusticaccia, village of Carbuccia

To get there, head towards the village of Carbuccia and turn off at the entrance to the village, towards the stadium. Reach the place called "Rusticaccia". You have to pass several villas, a wooden cross and 2/3 more houses. Then stop in the middle of the straight line. The access to the path is about twenty meters further. Park at the picnic area (not very visible, below). The entrance to the path is on the right of the white gate of a villa. A small cairn is visible.

The Punta Cachjonu hiking trail

The path is quite slippery. Very quickly, you reach a rough gate in the fence. Go past this gate and climb upwards through the chestnut grove. From there, it's a nice, almost constant slope to the top. A passage through the undergrowth with fern and arbutus. Follow the cairns and orange markings. You arrive at a first plateau with a beautiful view of the valley and the tip of the summit decorated with its sparkling cross!

A long and steep climb to the top of Cachjonu!

Continue on your left for a slight descent with a passage in the river, to then go up sharply with a path that winds between brambles and scrub. Passage on a second plateau. Always follow the cairns. On the way, you will discover a stone spring, hidden in the middle of arbutus and holly bushes. The path becomes very steep and winds through ferns and short, prickly scrub. The higher you go, the harder it is to follow.

The sheepfold! A Caseddu di u Pastore

Arriving on the heights, turn right towards the sheepfold "A Caseddu di u Pastore". Discover 2 rock shelters in perfect condition. Go past the sheepfold and reach the summit on the left. A magnificent cross sparkles with a thousand lights on the Punta Cachjonu. A breathtaking panorama over the Gravona valley and the surrounding villages, as well as the relief of Renoso, Monte d'oro, Monte Gozzi or Punta San Eliseu. Exceptional sunsets (for those who are not afraid to return at night with the headlamp). The return journey takes the same route as the first.

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