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Campomoro Senetosa | Tizzano | Hiking in Corsica

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Campomoro Senetosa

Discover the Campomoro Senetosa trail! Hiking in Southern Corsica from Tizzano. Campomoro Senetosa is a sublime trail on the island's coastline! A pleasant walk along the creeks towards the lighthouse and the tower of Senetosa!


Discover the hike from Campomoro Senetosa to Tizzano. One of the most beautiful hiking trails on the island's coastline. Near Sartene, a sublime and colourful route! A corner of Paradise on Earth, maintained by the Conservatoire du Littoral de Corse. Between fragrant scrubland and creeks with translucent water that invites you to swim, a pleasant path that will lead you to the lighthouse and the Genoese tower of Senetosa.

Campomoro Senetosa in Tizzano, Corsica

Starting point of the hike: Parking "Cala di Barcuju" in Tizzano

To get there from Ajaccio, reach the town of Sartène and turn right on leaving the town, towards Bocca Albitrina and Tizzano. Drive to the port of Tizzano and pass the restaurant "Chez Antoine" before reaching a dirt road. Follow this road for about 10 minutes until you reach a free car park and a straw hut. The start of the hike is signposted a few metres further on, after taking the path that overlooks the car park.

Campomoro Senetosa

The Senetosa lighthouse and tower are maintained by the Corsican Coastal Conservatory

The Campomoro Senetosa hiking trail

The Campomoro Senetosa path is managed by the Conservatoire du Littoral. It is a protected area, take care of it. Go for a walk of about 14 kilometres round trip. A clean path that runs along the seaside with its many creeks and small beaches (Cala di Conca etc...). Superb corners of paradise, ideal for a swim in turquoise water. (naturist area!)

The Senetosa lighthouse! Museum and refuge at the same time!

The path, flat and sandy, with little difference in height, winds through a low and fragrant maquis. A few scattered cairns for marking, landscapes of various and attractive colours, low vegetation with Myrtle, arbutus, etc... but also a surprising heart shaped by time in the rock! Some passages are not very shady, so remember to protect yourself and take enough water.

Approximately 2.5 hours of walking before reaching the Senetosa lighthouse and its two towers. It is a refuge (accommodation is available) and a free museum, which recounts the history and specificity of the place!

The Genoese tower of Senetosa!

Continue along the path and less than 15 minutes later you will reach the Genoese tower of Senetosa. A tower in very good condition, accessible by a large and rather steep ladder. Inside, the possibility to reach the top by a narrow stone staircase. A 360° panoramic view of the bay and the lighthouse. Wonderful photo memories in perspective! The return journey is by the same route as the first.

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